Saturday, March 13, 2010

Picture It

I had a very wonderful exhausting day: chapter meeting with the greatest sorority ever founded, lunch with LS’s, birthday party of my 4 year old nephew and I was accompanied by 3 of my other babies and end the evening catching up with a good friend. It was time to wind it down and call it a night.

One of my BFFs (thanks Steph) told me I should check out the new Essence with Zoe Saldana on the front. Well I got a copy earlier in the week or maybe it was last week (my days are kind of running together lately), but I had yet to thumb through it. I am finishing my masters program and have some assignments I need to complete (or start to be more precise). I am the queen of procrastination so I feel guilty for flipping through anything for pleasure right now. So, the magazine has been sitting beside my bed in hopes of being able to look at it while relaxing but not so much. But tonight while relaxing in a hot bath, I decided to look through it to get mind off some things. The table of contents had a picture of Maya Angelou. Now earlier at lunch, one of my LS joking “recited” a couple of lines from Maya Angelou’s poem Phenomenal Woman. I am a huge fan of Ms. Angelou and an even greater fan of that poem. So I was curious and turned to the article. It’s funny how some things are revealed to me.

It wasn’t a long article but more so told a short story of sorts of Ms. Angelou’s life through pictures. I love pictures; so, again I was curious. There weren’t many pictures, but the few they had gave an amazing glimpse onto the life of THE Phenomenal Woman herself.

It got me to thinking if pictures of me would tell an interesting story. In this age of technology one is rarely ever without the means to capture important moments in life. I’m sure Ms. Angelou wasn’t posing for the pictures they used with the thought that one day they would tell a story. In all the pictures she was beautiful and seemed so natural and carefree. From what I have read from her or about her, I imagine that is how she has and does lead her life, beautiful, natural and carefree even despite some of her situations.

I am learning a hard lesson in how short and precious life is and how treasured it should be. I want my pictures to reflect my journey and tell my story. I want to be able to look back and not just see posed shots, but story board of an amazing fun journey. I truly want to enjoy, but keep letting life get in the way. Which is kind of ironic: I’m missing life trying to live life. I am learning to not take life so seriously and enjoy those moments that mean absolutely nothing. Hopefully, I am building pictures that are interesting. So, until next time live, love, laugh and cry.

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